Bypass Google Account FRP – HTC Desire 626s

I just figured this out a couple minutes ago

This video shows you how to bypass a Google Account FRP lock during the initial setup on a HTC Desire 626s running Android Lollipop 5.1!
You don’t even need a computer to do this, which is great if you like to show your friends you know a thing or two about a thing or two 😉

There is only one requirement: Access to a Comcast Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspot. (You don’t necessarily need an Xfinity account to make this possible, you can use a complimentary guest account but I had already used up the free allotted hour before figuring this out)

-Turn on phone and tap ‘Next’ to enter wifi setup screen
-Connect to Xfinity Wifi and wait until the Comcast login screen pops up
-Choose ‘I am not an Xfinity customer’ and sign up for a complimentary hour pass
-Choose ‘I am an Xfinity customer’ and sign in with your Comcast account
-Tap and hold over some text displayed on your screen and you’ll notice some icons temporarily display up at the top and then disappear. The icon furthest to the right is a magnifying glass ‘Search’ function that will open up the Google App. You have infinite tries to get this right but only a limited time between when you tap and hold on some text to reach up and tap this ‘Search’ icon. (In the video I SOMEHOW magically managed to do this first try with one hand lol so you shouldn’t have too much trouble)
-Erase whatever populates into the search bar automatically and type in ‘setup’ and tap the icon that says ‘Setup’
-Proceed through this new setup process and skip through everything like I do in the video. If it brings you back to the search bar just tap the ‘Setup’ icon again to resume.
-When asked for a screen lock choose Pattern Lock and save a pattern you’ll remember. This SHOULD follow up by saying ‘Set Up Completed’. If not, cycle through this new setup and mess around with it until you actually see the pop up that says ‘Set Up Complete’.
-After completion you’ll see the icons across the bottom, tap the display Windows icon (to the right) to open up all windows and tap the ‘X’ at the top to close out of everything which will bring you to the Home Screen 🙂

After further messing around on the phone I managed to fully erase the previous account from Settings!

-Open the apps section inside Settings and clear all data, force stop, and disable (in that order) the following apps:
Google Account Manager
Google Play Services
Google Framework
Google Play
-Reboot phone
-Open Settings and go to ‘Backup and Reset’
-Now it will let you factory reset which will fully wipe the phone and allow you to enjoy your fresh new device 🙂

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