Electric Grinder Restoration | Hitachi Bench Grinder

Electric Grinder Restoration | Hitachi Bench Grinder Video

This is Hitachi grinder that I bought from Japan recycle shop 60$. I don’t know how old this grinder is. This grinder looks very rusty and run not so good. But After the restoration it look like new one and works very well. I really love this grinder. You can find out detail the restoration process in this video.

Grinder Inforation
Brand – Hitachi
Made in Japan
Type EBC2 CAP 0.2KW AMP’S 4.5
AC VOLTS 100, CYCLES 50/60
LOAD SPEED 3000/3600 rpm
WHEEL SIZE 150mm x 16mm x 12.70mm

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!!! I apologize for the mistake if I have made in this restoration !!!

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