First boot and Windows Update – Acer G3-710 Predator – i5-6400 – GTX 950

This is the first boot and setup of the Acer G3-710 Predator gaming desktop computer. Scroll down to see my follow-up videos on this computer.

This computer has a good CPU, a good GPU (graphics card) and overall is a nice choice at the $750 price point.

Another plus, this computer has a 2 year warranty, which is rare these days!

Acer G3-710 Predator – –

8GB DDR4-2133 RAM Upgrade – –

240GB SSD Upgrade – –

The other computer I mention in the video, the upgrade from this one, is here:

Acer G3 Predator – Core i7 / 16GB / SSD / GTX 970 –

Here is the computer that I mentioned that I do NOT recommend:

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 – $489 –

Note: CyberpowerPC is not a bad company, this is just a bad computer if you want a “gaming computer”.

If by chance you like CyberpowerPC, this would be a better choice:

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Ultra GUA570 – $800 –

This machine has a CPU similar in performance to the Acer Predator reviewed here and a slightly faster graphics card.

Unboxing and overview of this computer:

Windows Performance Review:

Gaming Performance Review:

RAM Upgrade & SSD Install w/Clone:

Boot time comparison / HDD vs SSD:


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