Pumping the TLC FlexAir Up ❖ Non-Surgical Foreskin Restoration Journey to Wholeness

Using air pressure to increase tension is an innovative idea! Wearing it every day has increased my restoration progress to help undo the desensitization and uncomfortably tight erections caused by having a healthy functional part of my body cut off without my consent.

History of Circumcision:

Please note that I bought this tugger myself the normal way and have no connection to the TLCtugger site other than being a user of their restorers. To use the FlexAir you need some slack skin to put it on properly. If you are new to restoration then I recommend using a regular tugger first. You can also use small circle bandaids instead of micropore tape to block air from the urethra.

TLC Tuggers:

Thank you for taking time to learn about this important gender equality issue:-)


Did circumcision make it smaller?

If you have really tight erections, your penis is being prevented from expanding to its full potential. In my own case growing more skin increased my penis size.

Are you opposed to circumcision?

No, I am opposed to forced circumcision. If an adult wants to consent to body modification then that is their choice but to force tattoos, piercings and genital cutting on non-consenting people is not compatible with living in a free society. All humans regardless of being born male female or intersex deserve the right to keep their entire genitalia they were born with if they want.

Why did you restore?

When I had erections, my scrotum would be pulled awkwardly forward creating a ‘turkey neck'(also known as webbed penis). Also I could not feel much sensation in my glans and had trouble reaching ejaculation. After one time where I caused my glans to bleed with too much friction in an attempt to feel something worthwhile, I stopped my denial and accepted that something was missing and I needed to fix it.

What are your results?

I feel a lot better about my body now that my penis looks and functions more similarly to how it was designed to be. I appreciate the subtle sensations of intimate activity as opposed to before where I had to rely on rough stimulation. My restored skin now glides smoothly over the glans during masturbation which feels wonderful!

Is your restored foreskin the same as your original foreskin?

No, there is a permanent loss of erogenous zones. The frenulum and ridged band are not replaceable. The best one can do is to grow enough new skin to protect the glans from abrasion when flaccid and to allow gliding action during intimate moments.

How long did it take?

It took about two years for full flaccid coverage.

Does it hurt the penis?

If it is causing pain, then it is not being done right and you need to readjust. Go slow and gentle, paying attention to any discomfort with wearing these devices. Steady gentle tension is how one progresses. (The only time my penis has been hurt was when I was strapped down against my will and my parents paid a stranger to cut off part of it.)

What is your current regimen?

When actively moving around such as when I am at work, I wear a regular tugger. When home where I can be more comfortable, I wear the TLC FLexAir. When sleeping, I wear a TLC-X tugger since it allows room for nocturnal erections.

Being hurt is just part of life – who cares?

I wish more people could understand that caring for and protecting boys helps them grow into men who care for and protect others. When an adult hurts a child, you increase the likelihood that someday they will hurt others. It sounds obvious, but so many people in Western Society today think it is okay to ignore and trivialize the suffering of boys.



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